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Estate planning encompasses a variety of legal strategies, such as wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care documents. It’s a common misconception among new clients that they don’t have an estate plan. However, without specific legal arrangements, an individual’s estate will default to being distributed after their death according to Missouri’s laws of intestacy. Often, this default distribution is not what one would have chosen. Crafting a well-thought-out estate plan allows you to override the state’s default provisions with your own preferences. Embark on this crucial planning process and develop your estate plan with a seasoned estate planning lawyer in Affton.

More About Estate Planning

Your Last Will And Testament

Your will is a critical element of a broader estate plan. Without a will, a person is considered to have died “intestate,” leading to their assets being distributed based on Missouri state law. Important considerations regarding wills include:

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Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney document authorizes another person (the attorney-in-fact) to make specific decisions on your behalf, with the scope defined by the document. This authority ends with the death of the principal and may also cease if the principal becomes incapacitated. To ensure a decision-maker is in place in case of incapacity, employing a durable power of attorney is advised. Regular updates to your durable power of attorney are recommended, as financial institutions may be wary of accepting older documents.

Health Care Documents (Or Advance Directives)

An advance directive specifies your preferences for medical and personal care in situations where you’re unable to make or communicate decisions for yourself. This document is legally enforceable in Missouri and allows you to designate a decision-maker on your behalf, including instructions for circumstances in which you would not want life-prolonging treatment. Additionally, an authorization for your medical providers to share your medical information with designated individuals ensures they can make informed decisions about your care.

Initiating the estate planning process with a knowledgeable attorney is essential for ensuring your wishes are respected and your loved ones are well-cared for. Begin your estate planning journey in Affton today by scheduling a consultation to secure your future and legacy.

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