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Find out why hiring an elder law attorney in Missouri is crucial for seniors and caregivers. Learn how they can assist with estate planning, Medicaid planning, and more.

Sudden Changes and Big Decisions

Life is full of unexpected turns. When sudden illnesses or serious accidents occur, they can drastically alter your life or that of a loved one. If the need for nursing home care emerges abruptly, finding and financing quality care quickly can be a daunting challenge. In Affton, Missouri, we’re here to assist you in exploring the best care options and navigating Medicaid qualifications to finance these needs effectively.

Long-term Care: Counting the Cost

The expenses associated with long-term care are substantial and continue to rise, particularly as the baby boomer generation ages. The national median annual cost for a private nursing home room, as reported by the Genworth Cost of Care Study in 2019, is $102,200, with a projected 3% annual increase. With life expectancies extending due to advancements in medical care, the duration—and consequently, the cost—of long-term care is expanding. Without financial assistance like Medicaid, the burden of these costs could deplete one’s life savings in a few short years.

Medicaid: A Vital Resource

Medicaid, a federal and state program, provides crucial support for individuals with limited income and resources. Unlike Medicare, which offers limited long-term care coverage, Medicaid’s coverage is more comprehensive. However, the stringent eligibility requirements make qualifying for Medicaid a challenging process, but one that is essential for many who face the prospect of paying for nursing home care out of pocket.

Navigating the Medicaid Maze in Missouri

The complexity of Medicaid’s requirements is a common challenge across all states, including Missouri. To qualify for Medicaid, applicants must meet strict income and asset limitations. For instance, the Individual Resource Allowance is often as low as $2,000, with specific exemptions for personal possessions like homes and automobiles. The process is even more intricate for married applicants, involving a “spend down” to meet stringent asset thresholds. Missteps, such as improperly transferring assets, can result in significant penalties and disqualification periods from Medicaid.

The Medicaid Qualification Process in Affton

Understanding and navigating the myriad of Medicaid rules can be overwhelming. In Affton, Missouri, our experienced legal team specializes in guiding clients through the Medicaid maze. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family can legally protect and retain the maximum amount of income and assets allowed by law, all while navigating the application process with expertise.


Before applying for Medicaid, it’s imperative to seek professional legal advice. Our team in Affton, Missouri, provides the knowledge and support necessary to navigate these challenging times with confidence. Legal counsel is not just advisable; it’s indispensable when facing the complexities of Medicaid. Let us offer you and your family peace of mind during this uncertain period.

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