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Learn how to pass your family home to heirs seamlessly and avoid probate with the help of estate planning attorneys.
There are many ways to hand down a house—from gifts to outright sales, irrevocable and revocable trusts to wills—each with different benefits and drawbacks.
Property and Asset Protection Medicaid Estate Planning
Understanding Medicaid planning vs. estate planning: discover the key distinctions and benefits of each strategy in St. Louis.
Are you a business owner in Missouri? Learn about the special estate planning concerns and opportunities available to you. Tony Westbrooks, the best estate planning lawyer in Saint Louis Missouri
For most business owners, the business is the most valuable item on their balance sheet.
The Increasing Need for Elder Law Attorneys in Missouri: Baby Boomers Retire
Elder law is emerging as part of a holistic estate plan to address medical, financial and incapacity issues as we age. This article examines elder law, the increasing necessity for attorneys in this field and where it fits in estate planning.
Find out why hiring an elder law attorney in Missouri is crucial for seniors and caregivers. Learn how they can assist with estate planning, Medicaid planning, and more.
Handling your parent's or spouse's financial affairs and long-term care planning is not for the faint of heart or a task for the unprepared. Having an experienced elder law attorney advocate for you who helps create a comprehensive estate plan benefits the family.